Make Teeth Brushing Fun For Your Little Wiggler

We know, teeth brushing with your toddler is right at the bottom of the "fun things to do with your little one" but it's an important part of their routine and general life lessons, so why not make it a fun one?!

Even if you know exactly how to get your little one to brush their teeth, I'm sure you would agree that using the word "fun" would not even come close to describing it! Actually, I'm sure you'd more than likely use the words "frustrating", "battle" or even "difficult". If this is the case, pairing our WiggleBrush with these simple techniques could definitely help with those chaotic bedtime routines and early morning starts!

  • Take turns brushing your child’s teeth, so that your child feels more involved and/or independent. You can brush your child’s teeth first and then let your child practice brushing after, or you can reverse the order.
  • Play some music while brushing. Turn on a fun song that lasts about two minutes, and let your child know that when the song is done, it will be time to rinse. Alternatively, sing a song specifically related to tooth brushing. For example, we often sing, “Brush, brush, brush your teeth / Brush them every day / Father, mother, sister, brother / Brush them every day!” to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.
  • Tell silly stories as you brush to make things fun.

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