About the WiggleBrush Team

WiggleBrush is a small family run business based in London, UK. As parents to a 4 year old (going on 15 year old πŸ˜†) and our background working with children ranging in ages from 0 years to 11 years and having so many Little Wiggler family members, we know (and boy, do we know...!) how difficult it can be sometimes to get your toddler to brush their teeth and brush them well!

We have designed an easier way to make it not only fun for your child but much, MUCH less hassle for you, Mum and Dad!

With its ergonomic U-Shaped design, your child will be able to brush those hard to reach teeth and have fun doing it as well!

We've also created a cool WiggleBrush Teeth Brushing Chart to help encourage your Little Wiggler to brush those pearly whites! Paired with this and our range of WiggleBrushes they'll be wanting to brush their teeth all the time!

Also, because of the soft, food grade silicone material - their gums will be gently massaged and cleaned as well as ensuring that those little gnashers are squeaky clean!

We are committed to providing you with the best for your child because what we want for our little ones are exactly what we want for yours!

Get your Wiggle On with the WiggleBrush!

Just Wiggle It!