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Teeth Brushing Chart


What better way to encourage your child to brush their teeth with their very own 'I Can Brush My Teeth' Chart!

This is created for use by your little one and is split up into 4 weeks for a whole months use and completely free for you to download as many times as you want!

Simply print off and laminate for continual use or after you've finished after a month - just head on back on to our WiggleBrush website to download it again!

You're welcome! :D

Love, The WiggleBrush Team

Instructions to Download

  • Click the image 
  • This will open up to a new window
  • Right click the image and scroll down to Save Image As
  • Save Image As onto your computer for future use
  • Print it out and get your little ones 'Wiggling' with their WiggleBrush! 

This will encourage your kids to get those little gnashers squeaky clean!